Our resource hub, helps startup founders, CFOs, and employees navigate the tricky world of equity, options, convertible notes, and funding rounds. From tax calculator to personal calls, see below.

Salto X's extensive collection of articles about startup fundability, demystifying stock options, and the best practices for equity allocation.
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Schedule a legal session to master equity management for your business or learn about equity rewards in a personal call with our experts. These calls are designed for both companies and employees.
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Total Compensation Calculator
The Salto X Total Compensation Calculator is a free, easy-to-use tool for founders and HR pros to prepare job offers by balancing salary and stock options. Calculate versions for salary and equity for your employees.
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AI Guide for Stock Options
Salto X Stock Option AI Guide gives clear insights on ESOPs, vesting schedules, and tax implications.  Scan through the information or ask questions directly for personalized replies.
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Tax Calculator
Understand how stock options are taxed in different EU countries, and how much tax every employee will pay during granting, vesting, and sales.
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Termsheet Maker
The Termsheet Maker simplifies the complex parts of Employee Stock Option Plans. Just answer our pre-made questions with ready-made choices, and you'll get a handy 1-pager at the end to guide your company’s stock option plan with key terms and ensuring compliance.
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