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Get Ready

This Guide gives you an overview of the steps needed to create and run an employee equity aka stock option plan. 

To run an employee stock option plan, a company needs to

  • create a plan or program with terms and conditions 
  • find a platform or tool to manage the plan 
  • communicate the value and risks to employees 
  • run the plan 
  • maintain compliance with regulations.

If the company is successful, there will be the opportunity to trade for example

  • a secondary sale or 
  • a sale within the initial public offering of the company’s shares (IPO)

Creating a stock option plan involves a bit of planning, designing as well as understanding legal and tax nuances. Each step is described in further detail in this Guide.

Pro Tip
Regulations and tax frameworks vary across countries. Selecting option plans that offer tax advantages can help you and your employees maximise the benefits of equity compensation. However, tax advantages usually only apply to employees, not contractors.
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Guide was carefully crafted by Kaisa Luht, former rewards lead at Wise
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